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The server is ONLINE !

Grand opening DECIDED

13 April 2019

After a long time of deciding and considering we have finally decided to open our gates on Saturday 13 of April 2019 20:00 GMT+2. We are looking forward to you!

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L2Criminal Features


  • Experience:3000x.
  • Skill Points:3000x.
  • Adena:3000x
  • Normal Enchant Scrolls 65%
  • Blessed Max Enchant +12 for Armor (Blessed Scrolls Rate 60%)
  • Blessed Max Enchant +14 for Weapons (Blessed Scrolls Rate 60%)
  • Crystal max +18 for Weapons,+14 for armors: 45% (if item wont succesfully enchant will drop one enchant bellow).
  • Stackable active augments.(1 passive + ∞ actives)
  • Mid Grade LS: 5%.
  • High-Grade LS: 8%
  • Top-Grade LS: 17%

General Information

  • Custom Start Talking Island
  • PVP/PK Color System
  • Killing Spree System
  • No Alliances
  • Buff slots 99
  • Solo and Party Dungeons
  • Sieges & Manors working L2OFF likes
  • Skills & classes based on retail L2OFF balance
  • Flawless Geodata & Pathnodes
  • Max subclasses 7
  • Party Zone changes every day to a new zone
  • PvP Zone changes every hour to a new zone
  • And Many more features!

Protection against botting

  • SGuard(L2-Scripts) blocks cheating, bots and abusive players
  • also .report command ingame

How to easily connect

In order to connect to the L2Criminal server, please follow these steps.



2. DOWNLOAD L2Criminal Patch

Mirror #1
Mirror #1
Mirror #1

a. Delete your old system from L2 Directory
b. Place our patch or extract it in the same L2 folder !
c. Accounts are registered automaticaly, just write your account and login.
d. Start the Game by clicking on l2.exe from inside /system folder!

3. Have fun playing on L2Criminal!

Before your try logging on L2Criminal server make sure you have uninstalled and deleted ALL your 3rd party programs/bots etc. otherwise the system will autoban your HWID and you will not be able to play on our server.

Contact Info:

  • Skype: live:lineagevirus
  • Facebook:
  • Email:
  • Petition in game to > KIDutz <

L2Criminal Features


  • All the rates are fdsfsd500x.
  • Stackable active augments.
  • Mid-Grade LS:10%
  • High-Grade LS:15%
  • Top-Grade LS:25%
  • Instant lvl 80 on character creation.
  • Safe:3
  • Max:16
  • Normal Scroll:60%
  • Crystal Scroll:100%

Farm Items

  • Custom Armor
  • Custom Weapons
  • Dyes
  • Lifestones
  • Book of Giants
  • Enchant Scrolls (Normal/Crystal)
  • Book of Giants
  • 2 Agathions
  • 6 Pair of wings
  • Custom masks & haristyles with custom stats.
  • 2 Custom Cloaks (Mage & Fighter)
  • 5 Custom Shields (Nephilim Lord & I.Warlord Zombie)
  • Clan Skills
  • Clan level quest items.
  • Noblesse Coin
  • Hero Coin


  • Farm (Moobs wich drop some of the items mentioned above)
  • Farm-PvP (Auto-Flag zone on enter, you must fight for your spot.Better drop than on "Farm zone".
  • Raid Boss Bakasura (huge drops). Take your clan and defeat Bakasura to get large amounts of items.Beware,your clan is not the only one present there so you must also conquer the zone.
  • Main Town: Talking Island.

Protection against botting

  • SGuard(L2-Scripts) blocks cheating, bots and abusive players
  • also .report command ingame